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WordPress 3.0 vs. Drupal 7 – Didoo

WordPress 3.0 vs. Drupal 7

Per giudicare un buon CMS, basta guardare il database: più sono le tabelle, maggiore è la probabilità che sia una porcheria inutilmente complessa. Di seguito la lista delle tabelle di due dei prossimi attesissimi “big bang” nel mondo dei gestori di contenuti. Giudicate voi…

Worpress 3 (beta): commentmeta, comments, links, options, postmeta, posts, term_relationships, term_taxonomy, terms, usermeta, users.

Drupal 7 (unstable): actions, authmap, batch, block, block_custom, block_node_type, block_role, blocked_ips, cache, cache_block, cache_bootstrap, cache_field, cache_filter, cache_form, cache_image, cache_menu, cache_page, cache_path, comment, date_format_locale, date_format_type, date_formats, field_config, field_config_entity_type, field_config_instance, field_data_body, field_data_comment_body, field_data_field_image, field_data_taxonomy_tags, field_revision_body, field_revision_comment_body, field_revision_field_image, field_revision_taxonomy_tags, file, filter, filter_format, flood, history, image_effects, image_styles, menu_custom, menu_links, menu_router, node, node_access, node_comment_statistics, node_revision, node_type, queue, rdf_mapping, registry, registry_file, role, role_permission, search_dataset, search_index, search_node_links, search_total, semaphore, sequences, sessions, shortcut_set, shortcut_set_users, system, taxonomy_index, taxonomy_term_data, taxonomy_term_hierarchy, taxonomy_vocabulary, url_alias, users, users_roles, variable, watchdog.

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