CSS methodologies debunked


Finally! I was near to write an article like this, with some rants about how the trendy OOCSS/BEM approach seems totally dull to me (compare the three examples in this article, and then tell me which one is more complex, for no reason, without any clear benefit).

I will focus on one single paragraph of this article, that I recommend to read carefully:

The abscence of evidence to support the claimed benefits of using these methodologies — outside of a very small, select group of high traffic sites — reflects my view that they represent a misleading and harmful cargo cult.”

This is what always made me so skeptical about these OOCSS approach: that they all talk about “modularity”, but then when you go and have a look at what this mean, no way to have a clear explanation that goes beyond very basic, dull examples.

Update: in the meantime, I have personally seen source code like this:

<div class="select select-theme-default select-element select-enabled select-abutted select-abutted-left select-element-attached-top select-element-attached-left select-target-attached-bottom select-target-attached-left select-open"> ...
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