When creativity meets fun and friendship

This post is dedicated to a special friend and colleague, that deserves even more than the Smashing Magazine homepage.

What happens when you have to prepare the badges for a conference you are organising with some fellas, and you decide to involve in the project a dear old friend passionate about typography, letterpress and graphic design?

That if this friend is Maurizio Piacenza a.k.a. Il Piac, the first thing you know is that the final result will be outstanding. The second thing is that working together will be amusing. And the third is that there will be plenty of good ideas to choose from. What you don’t know yet, is that all this story will end up in the Smashing Magazine homepage:

The Smashing Magazine homepage

So kudos and props to Maurizio: he absolutely deserves this! And if you want to know more about the project read the full story of how the Kerning notebooks have been ideated, designed and produced, as told by Maurizio’s own voice. Or simply have a look at the photo gallery below, to have an idea of what the result is, of those nights spent working rather than sleeping:

keming #1

keming #2

keming #3


keming #5

keming #6

keming #4

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