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A few weeks ago I have given a talk at Digital Croydon, a meetup heroically organised by Richard Bray in Croydon, London. I totally forgot to publish the slides also on the blog, so here they are. Enjoy :)



Style guides and component libraries are the new trend in front-end development.

Everyone is into “Atomic Design” and “Modular CSS” nowadays. But how did we get to this “hype”, and why? What is a style guide, what is its value and where are the benefits of introducing one in a project? And are them useful only for the web, or can be employed by other platforms too?

I’ll try to give an answer to all these questions in this presentation – directed to designers, web developers but also iOS/Android/Win developers – and I’ll show how our Mobile Web team in Badoo has developed his first style guide and how is using it to catch bugs and create a shared pattern library.


Here the video recording of the updated version of the talk, given at London CSS Meetup in November:

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