New Year’s Resolution for 2018

Smile. Be optimistic. Be bold.

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As many other people in the world, every year at the end of December I like to do a “personal retrospective” of how did things go in the last 12 months (which I usually keep for myself, too personal). I also like to set one or more goals for the upcoming year and share it in a blog post so that other people can get inspiration from them (in the same way that I get inspiration from other people’s objectives and goals).


This new year’s resolution is very simple, straightforward and clear to me:

Smile. Be optimistic. Be bold.

In no particular order, these three intents can be read as a list or as a single statement.


I have realized that all the bad news and global events that are affecting our lives (and–even more–the lives of our children) are taking a toll on me. I used to be a lighthearted, always-smiling person. I still am, but not as much as before (see the next point). I want to get back to that happy place :)

Be optimistic

Getting older means that you have more experience on how things go, and you find yourself thinking “been there, seen that” too many times. Up to the point of becoming disenchanted, skeptic, passionless. I tend to look to the future and try to predict/prevent what can go wrong. With my team, my family, myself. It’s normal: I care! But this is restraining me from thinking big/better (see the next point). I want to focus on the positive things that I see around me, and send to the background the “wrong” ones.

Be bold

With experience and seniority, also comes the understanding that “we know nothing”. We feel impostors because we “know” things even before they happen. We minimise our intuitions and challenge what our “gut” tells us, relying on the rational part of our brain (the safest option). Well, I have big plans for the next year. I want to be bold in my decisions (thanks, Michele!). I want to follow my intuitions, go all-in and take risks. I really want to show what I can do, to the world and to myself.

That’s it. I’m sure this 2018 will be a great year! I feel it :)

PS: want to know how did it go with last year’s resolution? well, it went pretty well ;) (read the “update” at the end of the page)

Update for myself:

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