This is great design

The new page transition in Medium is soooo nice!

I recorded this short video, in case in future this functionality gets changed. But you have to go yourself to Medium and see with your eyes how smooth, simple and perfect it is this transition, from one page to the next one.

Who says that the “read more” needs to be boring or break the reading experience of the user? In this case, an almost “invisible” design of the UX makes the flow between the pages seamless and natural. One click and – without even reloading the page – you are in the next post. I invite you to notice all the small details, from the transition of the old page to the update of the URL of the page, from the resizing of the heading picture to the pre-fetching of the next post content when you reach the bottom of the page. Try different post, you will see different transitions depending on the content available for the following page.

What to say: lovely design!

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