Hey, Leah Buley is back!

With a presentation entitled “Sharpie UX”

After almost two year of silence (probably overwhelmed by the writing of her book UX Team of one) quite surprisingly Leah has just published a new presentation on Slideshare:

You have no idea how many times I watched the presentations she made for Adaptive Path some year ago, about the UX Team of one, about the UX prototyping process with paper, whiteboard, post-it and sharpies, about sketching and agile design. And to how many customers I have sent her presentations, to explain why I was taking such a strange kind of approach – quite unconventional, at that time.

So, well, welcome back Leah: hope to see more presentations of  yours, now that you’re back!

Update: I’m happy Leah took this post in the right way… :-)


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