Dear Alex Willcock

An open letter to a special person

Dear Alex

I heard what happened to VisualDNA – and  to you – only a couple of weeks ago.

Since then, I wanted to write this letter but I never had the courage – is it appropriate? what will he think? should I mind my business? – until now. This evening at Sara M.’s leaving drinks I spoke a lot with Helena F. and she told me I could, I definitely should, so here I am.

I want to tell you that you are a special person. Not simply a special person as everyone, at the end, is. You are really a special person, in the sense of one in a million.

You can encompass the whole arc of understanding what beauty is that goes from the simple beauty of a worked piece of wood – its colour, its smell, its shape, its imperfection – up to the profound beauty of a visionary idea – its potential, its ethic implications, its impact in people’s lives.

You can change people’s life, you can take the best out of them, you can make them believe in their dreams (and in yours), you can take beauty in this world as no one else can.

I am sure of it, because that’s what happened to me after meeting you.

When I entered in VisualDNA almost two years ago, I was a good designer and developer, with passion and experience. But if I think to the person I am today – at work as in my personal life – I clearly see what I was missing: the understanding of what I was, and what I could do, what I could reach – at work as in my personal life.

If one day I will have the opportunity to lead a team, to manage a project, it’s you the one I will look at as a model. I  remember the way you used to speak us at the company meeting, how much you cared of each one of us, how you looked at us as persons, not employees. You were simply “one of us”, you made us feel part of a lovely family.

I can only imagine what you’re going through in these days.

But remember: life is what happens between two moments,  between two spaces. In the space that exists between that which is you and that which is said, is the space that is left to be understood. So I suppose Life have given you the opportunity to understand a little bit more of you, while you wait for the next step in your life.

Un abbraccio. Take care.



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