Hello Badoo

I've joined the company as Mobile Web Developer.

Last week was my first one in Badoo, a social network of nearly 300 million people active in 190 countries. It’s a global platform, that works on a local scale. The application is available in 46 languages, through any possible platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Facebook and as web application, both desktop and mobile.

It’s a company of around 200 people, divided between London and Moscow.

I will work at the Soho offices as Mobile Web Developer, in the team dedicated to the mobile web application. I will have the chance to work on a real mobile web application, with a massive number of users, with all the complexities and implications of working on such a global scale: progressive enhancement (in the future), web performance and optimisation (of course), testing on any possible “real” physical device (everyday), etc. And I suppose I will have also a lot of fun too… :)


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