Diversity in Tech, we are getting there

Some good news from a very personal point of observation

Yesterday evening I attended London React Meetup, and I was so (happily) surprised to see so many girls and women amongst the attendees. And this evening the same (happy) surprise at London Web Performance, an even more technical meetup: such a diverse audience for age, gender and ethnicity. Well done Amy and Perry!

I know it’s just a personal perception, and there is still a lot to do: we need more women also on the stage, and especially amongst our teams. But I think that the more will appear “normal” to see woman and under-represented groups amongst the attendees, the more likely someone of them will decide to do the following step and become a speaker too. And the more diverse people we will see on the stage, the more diverse will be the people we will decide (or suggest) to hire.

And if you are interested in this topic, Jo Franchetti is organising Achieving Diversity in the Technology Industry, a series of events to discuss improving diversity in the technology industry. First appointment will be on March 24th with the showing of ‘CODE – Debugging the Gender Gap‘.

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